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Pablo MacDonough Interview in Dubai



"I think the chances of Dolfina has many repeat Palermo" Pablo Mac Donough,   January 24, 2012 

Is this your first time in Dubai?

- Yes, my first time ... to play, to see, at all! The truth is a very nice, the weather is great, there are many programs. Very good place. The expectations for this trip to Dubai were high, and were met. There is so much that if you want every day you have something different to see and do. There are many things that only happen here.

How about the polo in Dubai?

- Well, not what I came ... Dubai is played much more relaxed, came to fun. And all I heard about the place, I figured it would not be something small. It is very good, there are several Argentine players, this will do very well to the polo. The club, Palm Desert, is spectacular.

For the season in Argentina, what are your feelings after winning the Palermo Open, no less than for the second time?

- The truth is I'm very happy it is the third time he won the Open, and Juanma. Anyway there is much, but hopefully we can repeat this year with this team. It was the first time with this team, we got on well and play well, so I think we have many chances to win.

Do you think about the proposal to make a ten-team Argentine Open?

- Look, it gives me a bit the same, what does seem to me very good is the idea of giving players the chance to compete against younger big teams. I began to look to see what are the pros and cons, but this is give you the chance to smaller teams. And eventually, if the Open is longer and lasts a week, there is also the possibility of using a little Palermo, which is very good. On the other hand there has not yet analyzed negative, such as date, lots of difference between the best team and the tenth ... I think if you can support new teams and players to reach that level, then I'm in favor.

It began in 2012 and your wife, Mechi, is expecting a second baby that undoubtedly came with more than a loaf of bread under his arm. For example, the new project you're involved ....

- Yes, with a very new watch brand, has about ten years on the market. Every year have a different ambassador and make a clock model for athletes representing the brand, as Rafa Nadal, Bubba Watson, Felipe Massa ... and now my turn to me with the polo. It is an honor and privilege that I have chosen me, so I'm giving back what they put in me.

Finished the year as number one in the World Polo Tour? What does this mean for you?

- As the polo a team sport, the issue of ranking is relative, but anyway, it shows you you're there, be competitive in every tournament and winning. Being there with the best players and be part of a team like La Dolfina, giving you more eager to continue, to have more horses, to organize. Obviously, the hardest part is staying up, which means you have to work twice.

What are your goals for this year?

- Each year there are different goals. That way I would like to do well in America, because we've had three years loose. In England I go for the second season with Bahar, and the idea is to go further than last year. And in Argentina, the most important goal is to win the Open.

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Organizer: Richard Mille