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Finally a High Goal Horse Shoe!

AE High GoalAmerican Equus Launches Monobloc High Goal Sport Horse Shoe and Sparks International Excitement

By Lenore Phillips

6 Goalers Jeff Blake Playing in American Equus StirrupsJeff Blake playing in American Equus Stirrups. Now polo ponies have the same with inovative American Equus High Goal Horse Shoes.
Since its inception in 2016, American Equus has been at the forefront of the equestrian merchandising industry, creating products that are as beautiful as they are functional.
Initially entering the polo market with their line of innovative stirrups, American Equus offered players a more secure foot bed, sleek design and completely customizable color scheme that was perfect for polo  players of all levels. The family owned and operated company, originating in Gilbert, Arizona, realized that helping riders perform better was only half of the equation. So helping horses was factored into the next business venture aswell. Thus in September 2017, American Equus launched its complete line of
revolutionary Monobloc Sport Horse Shoes.

AE High Goal
 American Equus High Goal Polo Shoes  SmallAmerican Equus StirrupsA true feat of engineering, the addition of the Monobloc Sport Horse Shoe to American
Equus’ product line represents the ongoing effort to enhance the competition experience for horses and riders across the globe. Crafted from solid .5 inch 6061 T6 Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum, the benefits of the MonoBloc Horse Shoes exponentially outweigh those of the traditional steel horse shoes. Stylish and ultra-lightweight, they are 65 percent lighter than steel shoes and are available in an endless variety of deep anodized colors.

"Being able to outfit your entire team with shoes that match your team colors is a cool bonus."

AE High Goal 2
The striking anodized color is not only eye catching but also a new tool to help support hoof health and quality. Through a natural, chemical process, the anodized color is
proven to inhibit harmful bacteria and fungus from growing in the hoof wall. After one shoeing cycle, farriers and horse owners who had invested in American Equus horse shoes noticed a significant improvement in their horse’s hoof quality as well as better than average growth over a four-week shoeing cycle.

“I was really impressed with the amount of growth I saw after the first time I put on an American Equus horse shoe,” said Jason Phillips, a farrier working in South Florida. “In Florida, we get a heavy rainfall during the summer and I have a hard time keeping my horses’ feet healthy. However, I stopped having this problem on the customers who have switched to the Monobloc Horse Shoes.”

Although the anodized color is certainly important, American Equus horse shoes are more than just another pretty product on the market. Designed specifically with a horse’s optimum movement in mind, the High Goal Sport Horse Shoe features a built-in rolled front edge as well as specially engineered traction and balance support that is critical for polo ponies who are constantly making fast paced adjustments.

When speed
and traction matter, the High Goal Sport Horse Shoe’s ultra-light construction provides a
free range of motion, reduced loading and enhanced balance. A definitive advantage for high performance horses in any polo arena. “Polo ponies are amazing athletes and I am hopeful that our High Goal Sport Horse Shoe is going to help them perform more effectively on the field,” said founder of
American Equus, David Shano.

“We worked with polo players and farriers to pinpoint
exactly what their needs were and I think we have created a product that is going to outperform our competition. I also think that being able to outfit your entire team with shoes that match your team colors is a cool bonus.”

American Equus Monobloc Sport Horse Shoes are available in five distinct styles. Each
style is specifically designed to match the needs to the type of horse wearing the shoe.
While polo ponies will perform best in the Monobloc High Goal Sport Horse Shoe, the
Sport Edge and Sport Infinity will be better suited for hunter and jumper clients. In
addition, racehorses can be outfitted in the Monobloc Accelerate.

American Equus horse shoes are available worldwide via www.americanequus.com.

Owners and farriers are encouraged to contact American
Equus directly with questions and for pricing details.